Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get to Mongolia ?

All direct flights come into Ulaanbaatar – most of them from Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong,Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin and Istanbul. The Trans-Mongolian train from Moscow or Beijing makes a particularly exhilarating entry into the country. There are domestic flights and trains from Ulaanbaatar to the rest of Mongolia. Many of the tours use a 4WD Japanese and Korean vehicle, jeeps to transport you to your destination.

What conditions are the roads in ?

Mongolia is a large and untouched country and many of the roads you will be traveling on are not paved, main roads is paved between the provinces. The journeys will often be real wild exploring adventures through vast natural landscape.

Do I need travel insurance, and if so, what should it cover ?

Although not required, we recommend that our tour participants purchase a standard travel insurance policy through your insurance company. This is an affordable and comprehensive travel protection program that covers you for unexpected events that could cause you to cancel or interrupt your vacation, unexpected delays, medical assistance, loss of or damage to baggage.

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